How to setup Bungeecord proxy

What is Bungeecord

Bungeecord is a Minecraft proxy which combines many server together to quick travel in other server used by many Big servers in this we are going to see how to make a server and setup it. In this post you can get easy explanation and easy setup

First to make a server you have to install Bungeecord on it. then start your server

Then open config.yml

Search for online_mode=true, if you want to open your server for cracked then turn this to online_mode=false

Search for ip_forward=false and change it to ip_forward=true

Then search for Servers

    address: your.server.ip
    motd: 'Motd ka plugin use karle noobde'
    restricted: false

Then start your server again

Spigot Settings

The setting in spigot/paper server is to go to spigot.yml or paper.yml

Then find buneecord=false to bungeecord=true

Your server is ready now

for any issue comment here

Check how to make a server on your server

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